Hero Harris!

Looking forward to 2012!


Meave Lamb

No cold here!

Jan 2012

Hero Harris!

A gentleman in Cavalier clothes!

Jan 2012

The Capparelli Family!

Did you say Walk?

Jan 2012

Kerry Titus

Here's looking at you kid!

Jan 2012

Chelsea and Chester

At 8 years old!

Dec 2011

Molly Manqueros and

her buddy Brewster

At 3 yrs old!

Dec 2011

The Kincaids with you know who!

We have been good!

Dec 2011

The Capparelli Boys!

Patrick and Shawn

Aug 2011

Here's looking at you kid!

Bailey Schwartz

Aug 2011

Top of the Class!

Olive Glass

June 2011

Kiley Haire-Texas Style!

Kiley Haire

May 2011

Roxy Laurin grazing!

Roxy Laurin

April 2011


Honestly, we did not do it?

Monty and Brodie deny any involvement!

Jan 2010

I just chased down that ball and you are going to throw it again?

Kerry Titus

Jan 2010

We are not done sleeping yet!

Bella and Bailey

Jan 2010

The Park? I'm there Dude!

Roxy Laurin

December 2009

Now did you say, what I think you said (ie a treat for me) !!!

Roxy Laurin

December 2009

Who Called My Name?

"Lady" Thomas

December 2009

Strike a Pose, you said?

I can do that!

"Lady" Thomas

December 2009

Did you says Santa Claus?

Jenna Jorgenson

December 2009

Best Buds!

Charley and Riley

December 2009!

Halloween 2009!

Rocky Fedde

Here's looking at you Kid!

Charley Schneider


Get your Shamrock On!

Lexi, Maxi and Colton on

St. Patrick's Day 2009!

Static Electricity!

Ruby Klein finds out how much static electricity is in a new shower curtain!


Puppy Juneau!

Phil gets to hang with Juneau!


Juneau O'Neal!

Relaxing in her backyard!


Tucker Lubinsky!

A day at the beach!


Sophie Marathe

In a pensive mood!


Snow Dog?

McKenna Magoon is!



Lila and Luke on Blanket Street!



Cody and Lilly share a kiss!



Sophie McCarthy on her 1st Birthday!




Charley Van Gameren!



Oreo and Miss Ford!



Cooper hanging out

with his new bud!



Love Bug and Cooper!



Tucker Lubinsky settles in!



Lulu and Augie Warner!



Madigan and Brendan Rodriquez meet up with some friends at the park!


Miles Gisler awaiting the next move!



Riley Weinstock!



Owen Haight acts as Ring Bearer for Kevin and Suzanne-Congratulations to the happy couple!



Kinchie takes a nap!



Anyone for Pumpkin Pie?

Sophie wants some!



Sophie Green Settles in!



Come and Find Me-Poppy Colburn



Wanna Play? Poppy Colburn



Bella and Bailey Giudici hang out with pals-Max and Lexi


Sofie Green-Wake Up Time? You are not serious?


Fern Hidlebrant-whats up folks?


Kerry Titus -as cute as ever



The Giudici's try to get 40 winks!



Meador Twins after a day on the Ranch!



McKenna on the River



Merill Delight!



The Merrill Twins



Kerby White-#1 Cal Bears Fan



Poppy Colburn



Eva Boyce!



Zoey and Kaylee Lattner!



Christmas Crackers-Zoey and Kaylee Lattner!




Madigan Surso-Moviestar in the making!


Kerby and Michael White!



Tiger Boljanovic-RIP (2005-2008)



Emma Looney catches up on

some beauty sleep!



Happy Christmas from

Guinness and Maura Blaauw!



Guinness and Maura Blaauw

at the Fall Play Day


Holly Doyle!


Fern Hildebrandt caught napping!


Ellen Jernigan!


Ellen Jernigan!


After Party Snooze for Molly!


Molly Pierce is Three!


Bailey Branann


Madigan at Tahoe


Madigan and Buddy! Do not wake us.


Fern Hildebrandt


Heidi and Molly Selzer


Marilyn and Maggie Scholes


Luke KinKaids First Birthday!


McKenna-Captain of the Shamrock!


McKenna sets sail on the Shamrock!


Union St. Miles


Poppy Coldburn on her 2nd Birthday


Did you say treat?-Kylie Bogott


Cassie and Toby Ringot, Oakland


McKenna Boating on Lake Tahoe


Sparky Kravatz, Mill Valley


Here comes Sparky!


Bailey Olson


Gracie Shifrin


Oreo and Taylor take a break from their hike!


Wow. Up Close and Personal-Copper Campbell


Copper Campbell-Thats more like it!


Road Rules-Francis and Audrey


Miles Gissler just chillin' !


Miles Gissler down on the Farm!


Hero Delunas gets ready for bed!


Hero Delunas just loves Christmas!


Hero Delunas seeking yet another treat!


Maggie Boyd


Luke Kinkaid with Santa Claus


Tongue and Cheek!~Liam Gansky


Deleaney Corbitt and De De!


Liam Gansky gets ready to rumble!


Liam wants to play!


Dixie Woliver Strolls Around!


Dixie and Tom Woliver Lounging Around!


Three's Company-The Cudas!


George Mac-so is cute!

Time for a Yawn!

George Mac-getting cuter!

Time for a Yawn!

George Mac?

Here's Looking at You Kid

Got Cute?

Sisters Eva and Zsa Zsa certainly are!

Maya and Rory Drewicke Hanging Out!

Sophie and Rory Drewicke Head for a Walk!

Juilia and Rory Drewicke Hanging Out!

Cuda's Cuddle Time!

Nuala, Imus and Agnes Cuda

Beautiful Miss Gussie

Photo Credit Leez Photography

Angel and Freckles-

share a toy

Liam Gansky does not quite get it!
Liam Gansky
Holly Doyle snuggles up to warm blankets!
Sophie Jermane

Molly and Darleen Seeboode


Molly Seeboode


McKayla gets a kiss of approval at Fort Funston!


Nuala Cuda catching up on her sleep!


McKenna at the Marina!


Don't get so close Kitty Kat!


Liam at the Play Day in Feb at

Fort Funston, San Francsico.


Maggie Scholes still relaxing!


I know its here somewhere!


Now this is what you call a Cavalier get together!


And all the Kings Cavs!


McKenna and family check out the Berkeley Marina.


Derby White takes a break!


Now whose the boss!


How do you do!


Spunky takes a rest from play!


The Nagengasts settle in with their pup!


The McNeils with their pup!


Tom Hall getting ready for Xmas!


Miss Gussie sits on her throne!


Zoe Lattner at Fort Funston more pix here


Freckles Venturini hanging out in Scotts Valley


When a Hero comes along.......


When a Hero comes along again....


Can't get enough of Hero!


Kerry Titus stops pedistrian traffic on Chestnut Street, San Francisco

Come on-I want to go to Animal Connection!.......

Bella Domingo takes it easy..
Bella Domingo takes it easy II...
Sadi Silva hanging out...
Lucy Cory settles down.......
The Blades spend some time with Chloe....
Haley Lettau catches some sleep.....
Haley Lettau plays ball.....

Steph Prendergast II takes center stage...

Chase Doan takes a nap....

Maggie Scoles licks her choppers..

Lolita Cultura celebrates her first birthday......

At home with the Burichs.

The cavalier in the center is a Shamrock Cavalier.

Penny Burich comes home.

Eva Boyce aka "Bat Girl"

Cavie Bitner on patrol!


Cavie Bitner stands to attention!


Sadie Tani takes it easy!


Sadie Tani waiting for breakfast!


Sadie Tani takes a stroll!


Hollister Dittrich standing on the sofa...


Hollister Dittrich hanging out on the sofa...


Mohini and Cassie taking a break in Mill Valley

i am just too cuddly!.......

McKenna Magoon....

chillin' sleepin' and dreamin'

I spy with my little eye....

somethin' beginning with "c"

McKenna Magoon....

does not take much to get spoiled does it?.......lovin' it!

Cody Gong......

has his very own web page...

Laurel and Hardy

ok, ok, we get the message...

Sunset at Fort Funston

how about a treat before the sun goes down?

Casey Cartwright

give a dog a bone?

Maggie Scholes "pauses" for a moment

see my paws?

OK, sit, "good girl"

there better be a treat on the way!

Sadie Raff reaches 6 months

How long do I have to stay still again?

Sadie faces down Sammy

This block is only big enough for one cutie?

Got Cavaliers?


We three cuties went home too!

Meador Twins Weekend Away in the Country or Simple Life 3?

Moo Moo Cowaliers?


The Meador Twins get busy down on the ranch!

Down by the River Cavalier!


The Meador Twins skirt the river bank!

Flower Power Girls!


Now What?

Definetly the Simple Life for Us!


The Meadors are out for the count......after an exhausting day on the ranch.

Miss Gussie!

I am just too cute!


Lady Sadie and her beau!

This suits me just fine!


Cannot get enough of Lady Sadie!

Thats what I was thinking........


Toby and Annie O'Riada!

Do we have to get up?


Myles and Bailey Lee.......

Can we come too?


Miss Gussie and friends.....

do not drop me..I said do not drop me....


Chelsea and Chester

You could say chilling..............


Bailey Black!

Where is Corinne?


Play Day at Stern Grove!

Check back for more play

days coming in 2005.


MacGregor and his bud "Finnegan"

Photo Credit Judy Host Photography


Finnegan's Sisters!

Dolly and Daisy waiting eagerly for another treat........


Aoife settles in!

I am not coming down from here

King Nigel I

-as Santa's helper

King Nigel II

-as Kathys Co-Pilot

Roche Family

On the fourth day of Christmas.......


Audrey and Francis!

Looking forward to the holidays.

Cooper on the lookout for missing Shamrock Cavalier!

Has any seen my little sister Jemma Redlitz?.....she was here a minute ago......

Chester takes a nap!......

Chelsea cannot be far away!